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The Martin Roberts Foundation is the brainchild of TV presenter and property expert, Martin Roberts as a vehicle to raise money through donations and sponsorship to support carefully selected educational and well-being initiatives for children and young people. As a Father himself and a long time supporter and campaigner for the NSPCC , Martin set up the charity to help address the need for ongoing awareness of charities like Childline amongst children and young people. In a world where childhood mental health issues are making the headlines regularly, Martin and The Foundation want to show children that there CAN BE A BETTER WAY and that help is out there, no matter how big or small the problem is.


Best known for his 15 years at the helm of 'Homes Under the Hammer' and entering the Australian jungle in 2016 as part of ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here!', Martin is also an author and children’s book writer. His series of children's books, called ‘The Villes’ are delightful stories aimed at 6-10 years olds. Each story follows the central character 'Herman' on a magical red double-decker bus to a different 'Ville', a fairytale place where something is afoot. In Tiredsville for example, everyone is always tired, in Coldsville its always freezing cold and in Boredsville, the residents are always bored. The hero of the stories, Herman, uses his problem solving skills to get the cause of what is going wrong and sets about putting it right.

The Villes books promote problem solving skills in children and Martin hopes that by following Herman's lead and taking a 'helicopter' view, children and young people will be able to find a way of solving issues that concern them in their own world.

Supporting the NSPCC & CHILDLINE

The NSPCC say that younger children don’t know about how to help themselves if they are in a difficult situation. They may be feeling terrible unhappy or worse still, suffering abuse or neglect and yet don’t have the knowledge of organisations and charities that may be able to help them.
This is why the Martin Roberts Foundation is so committed to distributing Sadsville to this age group as it not only illustrates the point that problems CAN be solved but also highlights a number of organisations that can help.
Sadsville Book


As part of The Villes series, Martin has written a book, SADSVILLE especially for The Martin Roberts Foundation. In the same vein as the other Villes books, in SADSVILLE, everyone is perpetually sad and seem to have accepted this reality. That is until, Herman comes along and discovers the reason why. With the help of others, he quickly gets the the route cause and puts a stop to it. As with the other titles in The Villes series, the reason for everyone being sad is a whimsical one, but the story illustrates in a light hearted way that sometimes by taking a different perspective on things, and with other people’s help, even the most challenging problems can be sorted out.


Thanks to local sponsors, the SADSVILLE book has been distributed across the whole of the Bath & North East Somerset local authority to every 9&10 year old. Working through schools, each child in the target age range has been given a FREE copy of the book - which carries important links to the NSPCC and Childline. Visit our NEWS page to see what a great success this was.

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The Martin Roberts Foundation would like to repeat the success created locally and through National sponsorship and donations, raise enough money to enable a copy of SADSVILLE to go to EVERY year 4 child (age 8/9) across the country. Thats approximately 1 . 6 million books! And to put this into pounds and pence, we calculate that we have a fundraising target of £500,000. But, just as Herman seeks help to meet his challenges, The Martin Roberts Foundation is confident that with the right help, we too can meet this goal. The national version of the SADSVILLE book, will also serve as a DIRECTORY for other charities and organisations that are aimed at helping young people. From charities and support groups that deal with mental health, bullying, eating disorders, abuse….there are many wonderful organisations that can help young people. Listing their details in the SADSVILLE book will make it easy for children and their parents to see that these channels exist and how to make contact with them.

1.6 million copies of SADSVILLE to be given out FREE to every Year 4 child (8/9 year olds) in the country.


Dame Esther Rantzen, DBE & Founder of Childline

“Thank you for creating this highly entertaining and original way of raising children’s awareness of how they can reach out for help through support services such as Childline. I wish the Sadsville book project every success.”

Dame Esther Rantzen

If we can give young people the tools they need to deal with whatever life throws at them, then our goal will be achieved.


If we can provide some relief to children and young people in need through the support of other charities and organisations, then our goal will be achieved.


If we can bring an end to the suffering of children at the hands of bullies, then our goal will be achieved.

“Depression is maintained, and perhaps even caused, by deeply entrenched negative thinking. Negative thoughts about themselves, the world around them, and the future can capture a child’s mind and drag them into a downward spiral. SADSVILLE helps to break this toxic cycle by getting kids to think about sadness in a unique way, providing them with a platform to challenge the negative gremlins inside their heads and to realise that the gremlins are just that - gremlins- and not a true reflection of reality”


Elaine Fox, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford
Sadsville Book Launch

Elaine Fox, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford