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What We Do

"We Do Charitable Stuff for Kids"

The aim of the Martin Roberts Foundation is to provide help for children and young people through the delivery of relevant and targeted information and educational activities. Our aim is to help to enable youngsters to develop skills, capacities and capabilities that will enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals - no matter their beginnings and the challenges they face.

If we can give young people the tools they need to deal with whatever life throws at them, then our goal will be achieved.

We want to help put a stop to suffering and abuse of children and to work with professional organisations and agencies to assist with the recovery of minors who have been subject to suffering - be that physical, mental or emotional. And it’s not just about the victims themselves, we also want to help promote public awareness of child protection issues too.

If we can provide some relief to children and young people in need through the support of other charities and organisations, then our goal will be achieved.

We want to bring an end to bullying, taunting and intimidation - be that directly or via cyberspace and to show children that it is not something to be tolerated, on any level. By empowering children to stand up to those who cause them to live with fear, to suffer unnecessary stress and worry or victimise them, we aim to help victims become stronger, individuals with high self esteem and belief.

If we can bring an end to the suffering of children at the hands of bullies, then our goal will be achieved.

There can be a better way. The Martin Roberts Foundation is committed to showing that there is.

Martin Roberts
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